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23 June 2013 @ 06:34 pm
I finally came to terms with myself.

and decided it's time to stop hating on myself and keep blaming every little thing on me. it's over. low self esteem, I'm officially breaking up with you.

it's not my fault people are being assholes for me.
it's not my fault people are so stupid they think I'm oh-so-pathetic and can't get over things.

well, newsflash! I'm not 15 anymore. and I'm not some crazy obsessed mindfucked ass.
fuck them all, I might get lonely now, but I don't need you people. judging me all the time without knowing a damn thing about me.

this was supposed to be a longer post. I thought I needed to get some things out. but that's it. I'm not the one to blame, I'm awesome, it's not my fault people are stupid.

I stopped caring, deal with it.
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17 April 2013 @ 11:12 pm
I'm so stressed right now I'm shaking.
what the hell was that and what am I supposed to think? just pretend nothing happened?
You don't say words like that and disappear. that's just not fair. what now?
everything was fine, everything was just perfect. so I shouldn't really worry, right?
but I am. I always fuckin worry.
10 March 2013 @ 05:26 pm
so, once again.
my roommate is an idiot, my boyfriend doesn't keep his word and I feel sick today.
so I come here to grumble.
she cames back in the morning with her friend not caring I'm still asleep, turns the big lights on, makes noise and is all happy, cause she woke me up. fuck you friggin whore. I think she may be selling herself after she came back today talking about some guys they met in the club and going to hotel with them and so on. I mean, how would she ba able to pay for everything here? she doesn't really work and here family isn't wealthy enough to sponsor her. so, my conclusion is - she spends the night with some foreigners and comes back home richier than she was when she left.
as for my bf I'm not as mad as I was anymore but still kinda upset. he comes back tonight instead of today and hasn't talked to me since 1pm when he annouced he wants to spend more time with his friend. why not stay there for good if she's so dear and important. I wouldn't be making such a problem out of it if he hasn't promised he will be back today and we'll meet. not to mention he forgot about women's day and was to make some amends (which also wouldn't be a problem if he didn't forget valentines and bunch of other occasions I told are kinda important and nice to celebrate for me. I don't expect him to give me presents and celebrate everything. but I'm a girl afterall and I would like to recieve a flower or be flattered once in a while. and I told him that multiple time so he can't say I am not being clear about what I want. It's not really a big issue overall but I do feel a bit sad when I see all those girls with chocolates, hearts and flowers while I don't even get a "Happy " while I do have a boyfriend. it can be really upsetting, especcialy when everytime we talk about it he promises to do something for me next time and then he doesn't.
or maybe I'm just a whiny overly attached girlfriend who wants god-only-knows-what from her guy?
oh, and I just finished cleaning the bathroom and making the shower usable again I'm a fucking plumber from now on and will now go there and enjoy a nice clean bathroom while it's still free and clean. cause when my roommate comes back it, again, won't be neither.
09 March 2013 @ 10:46 am
after quite a long time I decided to come back here.
mostly because lately I've been really stressed and pissed all the time and I need a place to let it all out. also, I wouldn't be taking it off on my boyfriend, he's going to be grateful.

what triggered me was my comeback to my dorm room this morning. if it wasn't enough that I can't go visit thier_sess today, I didn't get the money yet so I'm kinda broke, all my friends left the city for the weekend so my roommate decides to top it all with not only her ultra annoying presence but also she made a MESS everywhere, including throwing clothes and empty juice containers on my bed. I wrote it with capitals because she makes mess everywhere all the time but on weekends she just lets herself cut loose. completely. and her friend comes to visit EVERY weekend so she has help.
and she made a sauna in our room and won't let me open the window cause "she's cold". fuck you, wear something warmer (or just something more than just) shorts and sleeveless shirt. IT'S STILL FUCKING WINTER.

good thing she moves out next month I would probably do something I'd later regret if I had to stay 4 more months in the same room as this girl. it's not the mess she makes, she's just your typical blonde idiot whose one and only life goal is to BUY ALL THE THINGS. literally. all she does is shopping and partying. she doesn't study (doesn't even go to school, how she even got here is another stupid annoying story of my previous roommate) she works occasionally (babysits some 10yo kids after their classes like 3 times a week) and all she does is buying more and more clothes and cosmetics. where does she even get the money for all these things? she's got so many clothes they lay on the floor all the time cause there's no room in the wardrobe for them. well, to be completely fair some of them are in bags, shopping bags, really.
oh, and there's one more thing she does, when she's not shopping. HOW MUCH TIME CAN AN AVERAGE GIRL SPEND IN THE BATHROOM FOR THE LOVE OF THE UKITAKE THE GREAT OTL she's like, wake up at 8 lays in bed for a bit and then goes to get ready for the day. the shower itself takes around 40 minutes. then she does I has no fuckin idea what for another 40 minutes and emerges from the bathroom in her bathrobe. that's my chance to pee or take a shover. she collects some mysterious things from the room, takes some clothes and goes back to the bathroom. for another hour or so. then she goes shopping. comes back and goes back to the bathroom to test all the cosmetics and clothes she bought. then she usually starts talking to me about frickin EVERYTHING. really, 2 days ago she spent half an hour talking about some guy she saw at the club and how hot but shy he is. afterwards she decided to spend another half an hour explaining to me that having a fiancee doesn't mean she can't like other guys. I DON'T CARE CAN'T YOU SEE FOR FUCKS SAKE.
when she's getting ready to bed I can watch a LOTR movie waiting for my turn for the bathroom. it's 1,5-2hours. fml, seriously.
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06 November 2011 @ 01:08 am

I decided to stop by and check out what's up.

I've been busy lately. not like in "don't talk to me I has no time to listen to your worthless bullshit got important universe saving tasks to do" but I managed to keep myself busy enough not to think about some quite important stuff.

which I won't write about here, as I'm trying to ignore their existence and I'm being quite succesfull with that, I assure all of You.

also, I've been catching up with my crazy guilty pleasure called "Bleach". oh how I love this neverending show of "oh you're still alive Kurosaki and WHY THE FUCK IS SHE HERE"
by the way the character from the newest series are some kind of proof our beloved Kubo is running out of ideas for new interesting people in the story. WHY THE HELL THEY LOOK LIKE ARRANCARS BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE? and one Tousen-wannabe. who wants to be Tousen for fucks sake? he must be totally insane, to look like that.
I reached the newest episode today, I guess I'll have to stuff myself with some fillers for time being once again. meh.

also, Gossip girl, my another stupid love, is getting more and more fucked up, damn I love this show :3
CHUCK BASSSSS the love of my life <3
right after Ichimaru, who was KILLED BY THIS MOTHERFUCKER. and why? no particular reason, I guess Kubo sensei was just bored with him. way to go, kill one of your best creations. I wait for the day he decides to get rid of Byakuya sama. the end is near.

what's more? I got a job, I broke my computer twice (loosing everything I had on it and all that happy stuff included) and right now my beloved laptop is on his way to another breakdown, refusing to feed itself with the internetz. how brilliant is that?
also, I'm trying to get myself to a proper level of Korean, which would be quite usefull on my classes, cause now I;m just sitting there and following my beloved Kim Heechul marvelous example - if you don't get it just nod. and that;s what I bassically do - Le sonsaengnim asks something so I just go "neeeeee". I need to get myself on some decent vocabulary level as soon as possible, fml.

Japanese classes are hell, I get so bored I'm running out of ideas of what to do during them. it's soo annoying I can't even describe it properly.

erm, I'm stuck? I don't know, I'm not really sleepy, but a bit tired from doing nothing all day, I guess I'll just end this pointless post here.

ja ne~
I saw Heechul and Key right in front of me. I don't know if that makes You happy, but works for me.

I don't feel like writing much about Paris itself, cause besides Starbucks every 50m and Louvre and SMTown there was nothing interesting in there. or rather, it was incredibly disappointing. it was dirty and stinking and people are so stuck up and oh so osm that even the almighty Heechul seems like a kind and loving person compared to them.
It was annoying, tripping over trash all the time. lyk, srsly, wtf? it's fckn Champs Elysees and u fckn can't stand it cause there is rubbish everyvhere and it stinks. also, Seine stinks so much that at one place we almost run. omg, this part of the trip was horrible and disappointing. Paris city of love my ass.

Paryżewo.Collapse )

our way in was epic.

we got there late. lyk REALLY late. there was a crowd and where the hell did the venue disappear feeling. but, as great and osm we are, we managed to get in really fast. I even bought some goods cause I HAD TO and noone could stop me. the other thing is I made Kibummie carry my stuff, cause I obviously needed noth hands to take photos ㅋㅋㅋ

Kijewo.Collapse )

ok, so Shinee is more or less done ㅋㅋㅋ

when I think about Shinee at smt I think about this osm thing they did. there were some girls or something, but I think it was SNSD performing and then KRY started sorry sorry answer.


Heechulingrad.Collapse )

Homin made us wait more than 2 hours before they FINALLY showed themself. they were trying to distract us with some dance show, which was by the way great as there were Taemin, Eunhyuk, Minho, Donghae and Shindong and the girls, really, don't ask me who.

Yunho time. short one ㅋㅋㅋCollapse )

I didn't want it to end even if my feet threatened to leave me.
but it had to end.
and this is the moment I have to say it,

complains corner.Collapse )

so, that would be it, there is a lot of things I didn't write about, either cause I don't feel like writing it or just bc I forgot. I won't write about girls cause I don't know them and just saying they were really beautiful and sweet isn't enough, cause I feel they really are great girls, so there are people who will give them justice about their perfomance, me is not suited.
Just that I decided to listen to some f(x) songs ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

I'm really tired and this is really long.

so, if You managaed to get through this - congrats <3

class dissmissed ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

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29 May 2011 @ 08:47 pm

my brother distracts me playing with a lizard. me wants it too, how can I write when there's a little lovely black lizard being held in my brother's hand? fakju.

so, first of all, cause I'm gonna forget, here's a meme~~

Comment to this post, and I will list five things I associate with you. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back at me). Other people (including me~) can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

the words I got from
[info]thier_sess  are these:

1. Jaejoong (w sumie skojarzyło mi się też "kosmita" XD)
2. J-rock
3. Spam/fazy
4. Podróże przez całą Polskę
5. Burzmeni


as for the First K-pop Alien Above All The Other Aliens, read as Jae-where the fuck did u come from-Joong, where should I even start?

He's an alien, that we are all already aware of perfectly. There's this part of me finding him completely weird and utterly illogical and what the hell r u, try being understandable once in a while, pretty please.
Other thing is - I do understand one thing about him. SAUCE IS INDEED GREAT WITH HABANERRO IN IT. never tried rive with mustard though, but I take his word for it being good. me does not like mustard xP

also, when I see him my motherly instinct kicks xP I feel I should take care of him, make him food and check if he's properly dressed or something. He seems like someone who's not only allowing u to mother him but also enjoys it. kinda twisted and adds to the Jae-wtf-Joong category, really.

what else. erm. he's scary but cute.

J-rock. so, yes, right, j-rock. Well, first of all - Girugamesh and Maximum the Hormone. My luv forever and ever and no kpop or jpop or other GunSok can change it. Not even Oguri, my luv for Girugamesh is above it all. and I really have no idea what should I say/write more about it, besides it being totally awesome and great.
have a song then xD

Satoshi looks completely idiotic with his face made up and corrected with some graph program but the song is great and the mv is so-so also xD

spam/fazy. which means being spamming, incredibly amazing, hard to understand, fucked up me xD eeerm, well. me spams a lot, because I love to express myself all the time to random people, like writing about things I'm watching, something I saw, heard, thought about... also, expressing my needs by whining on twitter/facebook/whatever is quite effective, believe me xD

what else. I simply love talking about random things which often, usually, end up with deciding on some crazy mission or discovering something that completely changes our lifes or making up some completely twisted but incredibly possible theory, like Gackt keeping his pigeon army which helps him with stepping nonchalantly from rooftop stright on the street. or so xD

and I love my spam family, my spamming knights, even if I don't get to talk with them about some very important and impossible to understand for an average person stuff too much, cause my internet is a biatch and is non existent nowadays and my brother is a bad family member cause he doesn't want to share.

podróże przez całą Polskę. travelling all day to spazz together. yes. it's an important part of my life, really. I love visiting my friends and love my friends visiting me. we can talk more and have more fun watching some stuff or taking a walk or just laying and doing nothing. that it takes a whole day to get to their hauses is an impediment but it's not an unsolvable one, right? it is indeed tiring to sit all day in a train with some old woman on ur back and looking into ur book/notes/laptop and unable to move ur legs, just because some stupid man fell asleep in front of u, and ur ass hurts so much u hate sitting for the next 2 days. but when I finally arrive it's fun and love and rainbows and sparkles, even if it's full of Changmin for some reason xD

also, when someone does love me enough to come visit my village, I have company on my walks with the dog, and that's a quite rewarding bonus, me thinks xD

burzmeni. which means no less no more than Arashi, which means the cause of everything, with me being here and spamming on top of the list.

anooo, etooo... discovered just because someone came up with the idea of making musical from bleach and because Ohkuchi Kengo was there and he was supposed to appear in the Gokusen movie. so I started watching the drama so I know what is the movie about which was apparently pointless, cause every season of gokusen was incredibly similar, and so was the movie xD but I liked it anywayz and that's how the Almighty Me discovered the Incredibly Marvelous Matsumoto Jun, who by the way looked gorgeous as Sawada Shin and completely different and never after and, which is quite obvious, never before was he so goodlooking. really.

anywayz, me still loves Arashi but not as much anymore, cause I simply got bored after *counts* almost 3 years of neverending fangirling over them. maybe, probably not really bored, but first pissed off as they started deleting or changing their programs, which became less fun and totally not interesting at all. then they started delivering some crap singles and even crapier album and omfg the drama. so I started paying more attention to everything else, Big Bang and Super Junior in particular. That was not when I discovered kpop, cause I did that about 3 months after discovering Arashi, but that's when I happened not to have days full of Arashi and being fed up and tired with them so I was looking for some change which wasn't necessarily Kanjani 8, cause it was supposed to be something new to love, not deepening my feelings to something I already do love.
erm, anywayz.
I watch them and listen to them from time to time but not as much as before, and they're not as entertaining as they used to be. maybe because I realized some things, member-ai being a complete lie being the most important one.

me is lost in what I was trying to say.

I'm in love with this man, and what's more I simply don't believe he's not Japanese. he should be a frontman in some visual key band, not a korean actor, srsly.

he's beautiful, funny, lovable, omfg me wants him sfm *w*
also, Ari is blind and twisted the wrong way around and do not want to hear the story about his eyes once again.
ur plain deaf and blind, Zdzichu.

one week and 3 days to The Trip. me started panicking in the middle of the night, yesterday, as I got home. there is really a lot of things that can go wrong, with the plane crashing included. also, mind the Iceland and it's volcanos.


also, we're getting lost, I assure You, Kat, be prepared to search for us somewhere in France, not necessarily somewhere close to Paris xD

I'm staring with Beethoven Virus today, to check out the character which made the whole mindfucked Korea hate on Jang Gun Sok. me does not understand and never will.

oh, almost forgot. the new FT Island mini is awesome, new Beast album is marvelous me is a happy fangirl, really is.

Take off was a real disappointment, considering the title and the artist being 2pm.

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Zabieram się i zabieram i jakoś stworzyć nie mogę. decydujący o tym, jak bardzo mi nie idzie jest fakt, że nie mam internetu znowu

motywem przewodnim weekendu majówkowego jest

gdyż niestety, ale wszyscy wiemy, jak podróżowanie kolejami państwowymi w naszym kochanym kraju wygląda. szkoda, że nie mają na budynku guziczka lubieto, klikałabym codziennie, serio, obiecuję, byłabym pilna i nie zapomniałabym kliknąć ani razu fakit.

w drodze do tam pociąg rozkraczył się już pod Szczecinem i ponad dwie godziny toczył się do Choszczna tylko po to, by chwilę po wyjechaniu z niego rozciapciać się na dobre i na wstecznym doczołgać się na dworzec w Choszcznie, na którym to postaliśmy sobie około godziny. Korzystając z okazji pani w kącie poinformowała nas, że prawie co tydzień jeździ tym pociągiem i że cały czas coś się z nim dzieje, to nie pierwszy raz jak stoi w polu. moje pytanie - dlaczego w takim razie nadal nim jeździ, skoro jakoś pół godziny później jest kolejny, nie rozwalający się tak często pociąg, zawisło w powietrzu i pozostało bez odpowiedzi. gdybym wiedziała, jak pięknie jeździ wybrany przeze mnie środek lokomocji pojechałabym tym późniejszym. i tak miałam godzinę opóźnienia i dotarłam do wawy później niż ten drugi pociąg fakit.

anywayz tłok był taki, że przez te 7 czy ile tam godzin nawet nie zmieniłam pozycji i docierając na miejsce czułam, jak mój tyłek próbuje odreagować i zemścić się za takie traktowanie. a to przecież wcale nie był koniec, bo trzeba było jeszcze dotoczyć się Siedlec jakimś sposobem.

Zostałam przywitana przez bardzo radosnego, pełnego energii, wielbłądowatego Kibuma w blondzie i kapeluszu z którym to wspólnie udałam się zaspokoić swoje podstawowe potrzeby to jest palić, sikać i jeść, dokładnie w takiej kolejności ㅋㅋㅋ

bla bla bla, na dworcu mieli pycha kawę, pozdrawiam panią z budki z goframi <3 jedyne czego mi brakowało to fotela - miałam świetną kawę, babeczkę bananową i sienburu. oczywiście nie obyło się bez oburzonych/podejrzliwych/zdziwionych/whatever spojrzeń współoczekujących na transport, ale mechate mango im w ucho, niechaj ich życie nadal będzie takie smutne i nudne ㅋㅋㅋ

dotarcie do Siedlec zajęło nam jakieś 1,5godziny, czyli 8-9 pustaków i kompletną głupawkę. obie miałyśmy już po dziurki w chrząstkach tych pociągów, ale ten podmiejski był przynajmniej wygodny i niezapchany. no i jechałyśmy wreszcie razem, więc mogłyśmy wreszcie potraumić towarzyszy podróży <3

na miejscu okazało się, że tata Sess jest niski ㅋㅋㅋ w każdym razie to był pierwszy komentarz Kibuma. dla mnie nie było tam ani jednej niskiej osoby.

anywayz pierwsza obowiązkowa rzecz, po przywitaniu się z Changminkiem <3 i poznaniu z rodzicami *macham do mamy, która jest niereformowalna :3* należało wyruszyć na spacer. gdyż jak już wspomniałam, mój tyłek mówił zdecydowane YADAAAAAAAAAA pozycji siedzącej, leżącej, jakiejkolwiek wiążącej się z dotykaniem tyłkiem czegokolwiek.
poszłyśmy nad wodę, zeżarły mnie komary, norma.
przy okazji uraczyłyśmy innych spacerowiczów historiami fikowymi i teoriami YunJae-owymi, niektórzy z nich nie byli zachwyceni, ale nic nie poradzę.

ciężko w sumie opowiedzieć dokładnie, co tworzyłyśmy przez te kilka dni o.o bo głównie robiłyśmy to co zwykle, czyli traumiłyśmy się wzajemnie, tym razem jednak z pomocą rodziców, którzy albo próbowali nawrócić nas na Changminizm albo proponowali różne, czasem smaczne czasem trochę mniej smaczne, rzeczy ㅋㅋㅋ *macham do taty Sess*

ze szczególnych odkryć poczynionych w Siedlcach jednym z głównych jest to, że z Yunho jest coś nie tak xP zdecydowanie.
ponadto wszyscy kochamy kandzie, nie udało mi się przemycić sienburu w nasz repertuar ale były tupy.

domagam się airairo na żywo. bardzo się domagam, ja chceuuuu dajta mi noooaaaaw ;;_;;

mama mi się drze nad głową a to zdecydowanie rozprasza fakit.

o dziwo Kibum dawał mi spać, oczywiście oprócz momentów w których zabierała kołdrę, bo przecież jej wiecznie zimno jest. no i budziłam się, jak ona wstawała ale to normalne, zawsze się budzę jak ktoś zaczyna łazić.

to mi przypomina, że dom Sess o poranku to istny chaos armagedon xD


no, zwiecha. nie mówcie do mnie, kiedy piszę TToTT

swoją drogą od przed majówką śpię po 4-5 godzin dziennie, więc to normalne, że jestem nieprzytomna i nie myślę i włącza mi się random ㅋㅋㅋ

nie mam pojęcia co mam dalej pisać.

może to, że sushi planet to straszne miejsce, nie dość że drogo, nie dość że kanji wiszą do góry dupami, nie dosć że dostałam jedzenie w plastikowej misce, które gratisowo było paskudne, to jeszcze był tam karakan szopen wodecki, którego pukiel włosów zamierzam wysłać kimurze do analizy. i pani kelnerka była niemiła, o.

a wgl. kuwa, nigdy więcej nie wejdę do błyszczących lampasów, fakju z tymi schodami pojebanymi v.v prawie dostałam zawału, walnęłam głową w plastikowe coś wystające ze schodów i Kibum musiał mnie łapać, żebym się nie sturlała do piwnicy. argh.

powinnam przytyć jakieś 50kg przez ten weekend ale jakimś cudem nie przytyłam ani pół ㅋㅋㅋ me luvz me xD



już niedługo wakacje, więc nie tylko zobaczymy się znów z Changminkiem, który oczywiście mnie bił i był niedobry dla swojego Dżedżonga ,ale spotkamy się też z pozostałymi członkami naszej rycerskiej rodziny spamerskiej, bo to najwyższa pora~~
może to narusza Twoją Changminowatość, ale i tak Cię kocham ㅋㅋㅋ

Kats, jesteś małym zdrajcą, kocham Cię mniej teraz~~

btw smt zbliża się wielkimi krokami a my nadal nie mamy gdzie spać xP

wpadłam do wiadra z ogórami. życie jest okrutne dla Dżedżongów a dla małych Dżedżongów jeszcze okrutniejsze bo potem zrzuciłam sobie cegłę na stopę. fakju.

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12 April 2011 @ 08:48 pm
this is going to be somewhat chaotic, cause I don't really know how to put this all into words. 

first thing goes first - I SURVIVED.

I'm not quite sure how, but here I am, in one piece. 
my whole body hurts and I'm literally speechless xD 

also, we're pretty much screwed, cause he was fckn walking sex.

fuck, I envy Melody so fucking much. she can touch him.

thing discovered at the concert - OMFG HIS JAWLINE. FML, HIS JAWLINE.
when he climbed on that speaker and turned his right side to us, his head to the back I almost died. HIS FCKN JAWLINE IS FCKN PERFECT.
damn, it was so friggin sexy I can't even.
his hair. the first thing I thought of when he appeared on stage was
it was flawless.


btw Myv dołączył do bardzo wąskiego grona facetów, którzy mogą zrobić przedziałek na środku łba i wyglądać nieziemsko cudownie.

oh my, I just got an answer from, let's call him a FRIEND now, cause he's really nice, who was a photographer at the concert and he agreed to share~~ soooo, wait till I get my hands full of beautiful Myv pics <3
wtf, my winamp just refused to play "son of a bitch" saying, that I need a security update. 
I just found some fancams, but I'm not sure if they're gonna work v.v
so. about the setlist. I don't remember what was first and so on. so depending on other people it was like this.
What's My Name?
Hell No [new song]
Chase [new song]
Ossan ossan ore nanbo
Chillin' Chillin' Money Blue$
Boom-Hah Boom-Hah-Hah
I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, and I Hate You
Justice [new song]
Music Free [new song]
[unknown titled new song]
Selfish love
Freedom fighters
We Love You 
Are You Ready to Rock?
Futuristic Love
... Futuristic Love [continued]
What a Wonderful World

or something like this. I'm not sure about the order, but these are the songs he played.


I almost died. like, really? no way. I didn't believe he's playing it, for few seconds my mind went completely blank and I didn't know what was happening.when I woke up the next day I asked Kibummie if it really happened or was it just a dream.

it's here


or some reason lj is a biatch, again, and doesn't want to embed the video, so go and watch it on yt.
it was awesome. I didn't even dream about seeing, listening to this song live. 

another thing which must be said is this


before this song he asked us to be silent and talked about the earthquake. he said that starting this tour was really hard for him bc he had to leave his family and friends in Japan and they're still suffering there, while he's rocking here. and he asked us to join him in a minute of silence and pray for the victims. then he said we shouldn't worry, cause Japan is strong and people are strong too and that they will overcome this. also he said it's great his country receives so much support from all over the world.

well, he posted this vid on his twitter and I'm quite sure it's from Poland.


I was impressed by the public here, didn't really expect much good from them.

but as You can see on the vid - they were completely silent during Gravity.
also, most of us cried here, which also can be heard xD
and the other thing I really liked is all of us making little hearts during gravity and we love you. it looked awesome. and he was really happy when he saw it.
after he talked about his family and friends back in Japan I felt a bit guilty being on this concert. for a moment I thought "shouldn't we all just give back our tickets and MAKE him stay at home with them?" but then again he is able to collect a LOT of money during his concerts, so idk, really.


I loved it, when people started singing the UIIIIIIIIIIIII IUUUUUUUUUU part xD he was so amused and happy. and the hearts and so on.


It was crazy. I felt as if someone casted a spell on me and when I got back home I couldn't really believe I just saw him in person, he talked to me, it's possible that he even saw me at some moment. I felt like crying but tried my best not to, cause I didn't like the idea of my vision becoming blurry and not being able to see him.

He's beautiful. screw the pictures, he's like 100000000000000000 times more gorgeus in person than on all those pics in all those pvs and programs. he's perfect, he's flawless. omfg I envy Melody so fucking much...
it's not just his looks, he's awesome as a person too. I'm not sure, but I think he cried during the concert, when he was talking about the earthquake and while singing gravity.
he fckn put his guitar into an auction. he fckn loves every single guitar, they're his hands, he can't live without them. now he's selling one to donate even more money. if I had money I'd buy it and then go to a concert and give the guitar back to him. I love him sfm.

it's sad, but the public wasn't as good as I'd like it to be. I was surprised there were so many people who DIDN'T KNOW THE WORDS TO "WE LOVE YOU". he friggin ASKED us to sing it with him several times before and during this tour. is it so hard to learn the lyrics which have like 12 lines and half of it being WE LOVE YOU SEKAI GA KIMI WO AI SHITERU?
also "what a wonderful world". it's like a tradition, u go to a concert and u know this song WILL be played. the chorus isn't so fckn long and complicated, how come most of the people knew only the MAWARU MAWARU part? fckn kidding me?

also. I know there are people who treat him like a GOD, I'm almost one of them, so I understand xD I know there are people, who don't know much about him or don't know the latest news.
but don't look at me as if I've grown another head when I laugh when he's goofing around and having fun and obviously trying to MAKE US LAUGH.
and those girls, damn if their eyes could kill I'd be dead long before the gig. how can I joke about him praying and drinking a healthy juice before the concert? well, hello, he WAS doing that xD

and last thing about the public, why did they suck so much - I know there are people who don't really like his new songs and stopped somewhere around Kavki boyz.
but I got the feeling most of them were people who were at the concert for the very first time. like, their parents didn't let them go to other concerts cause they're too young and the gig too expensive, but they somehow MADE their parents let them go to MYV's con, cause, well, it's MYV, ok? xD

so when he said PUT UR HANDS UP - they did. but as fast as he started playing guitar - so obviously he put his hands down - here goes the crowd: THEY PUT THEIR HANDS DOWN TOO. wtf o.o? don't ask me. the thing that pissed me the most was during BOOM-HA-BOOM-HA-HA. it's not really complicated. it's the chorus right? it goes BOOM HA BOOM HA HA BOOM HA BOOM HA HA and when u say BOOM u clap when u say HA u stretch ur hands in front of u.


 well, people know how to clap only if Myv does it. when he stops, they stop it too. U FCKN SERIOUS? o.o

well, nothing can be done, so we put crap audience to the side and have fun.

cause it was like a magic journey to the dreamland and I still can't quite believe I was there. but my body and my wallet remind me I was there. and if I wasn't - I got beat up and robbed and made up a story about Myv's concert in my head to erase the traumatizing memory xD

omg, I almost forgot!
the pink-haired guy!
there was a guy who was either on drugs or completely drunk. he couldn't stand straight, even supported by a wall and a girl xD when security guys saw him they cracked up and didn't know what to do with him. I guess they felt a bit bad for him - he paid the money and came from god knows where just to be left outside the gig. so they told him to take some rest and come back when he;s able to stand on his own xD after the concert we wondered if he survived and the moment I said this he came out of nowhere asking for a medicine for a headache xD I cracked up completely xD now I wonder if he remembers anything xD

by the way, the security was great. I liked the fact they didn't look like a omg-i-have-to-deal-with-those-freaks but had fun with us instead. at some moment they even entered the crowd cause it was too crazy and became a bit dangerous, but didn't do anything, just stood there. and they were nice.
the organization was quite good too. not the "EVERYBODY GET IN AND BECOME FLAT IN A MINUTE" style xD

erm. I'm lost xD

we stayed at Kibum's brother's place. he's awesome, I love him <3 he, somehow, survived those 3 days with us and even had fun~~ he was also nice enough to take us to the place where the concert was by car and then picked us up after it.

right, the place. I would pay billions of dollars for the picture of MYV's reaction when he saw it. I bet he thought "NOT GOING IN" instantly xD the entrance was so devastated it shocked me.

going back to Kibum's brother xD
it was really fun and he was nice and he took care of us and thank you very much :3

I've got two posters and still don't know where to hang them xD

It was sick, crazy, awesome. MYV is beautiful, great, amazing, one of a kind.
I envy Melody, I know I already said this twice, but, well, it's my lj and I can make whole entry saying I envy Melody again and again. cause I do. I also envy Lovely and Jewellery. I envy his staff, I envy anyone who talks to him.

The thing that really shows, it can be seen on those fancams, is how happy he was to be there. it was unbelievable how much energy he had and how he liked us all. even if the public was so-so he loved it.

My dream is to hug him and touch his hair.

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07 April 2011 @ 11:35 pm

so. me iz back.

first of all, there is this thing I wrote few days ago and couldn't post it.

"I just totally freaked out. There was a black out. Not only at my place. My panicked friend called me and said there was no energy at her place too. I went to my parents room and looked out the window. Everything was dark.
What the fuck happened?
And why is my entry about a black out?
I just realized how much of a city, civilisation kid am I. for few seconds, as my room became dark at 1 a.m. I didn’t know what to do. I just stood there waiting for anything to happen. I felt hopeless. After my friend called me we bagan panicking together.
It felt awful.
I couldn’t see anything.
Why is blackout in the city so scary? When ur somewhere out the city, you can see. There are stars and there is the Moon. Not much, but you’re able to see. I stood in my room unable to see anything.
It was horrible.
The worst thing is – I feel bad for panicking like that. I know I’m a fckng kid of the civilisation. I know I can’t live in other place than a big city. I need electricity, I need my mobile phone, I need my internet to survive. It’s nececarry. Even if I know it really isn’t, it still is.
The point is, one shouldn’t be like that.
I should be able to take out my candles and light them up without thinking. But I wasn’t. it took some time before I even remembered I have candles.
I fckn collect them. I have tons of candles in my fckn room.
And right now I have no internet and I feel as if someone ripped my hand off.
I’m too afraid to open my window, even if it’s too warm in room right now.
And right now there is a thunder. It just started.
I’m fckn scared of fckn thunder, there is no internet and my mobile phone isn’t working.
I feel bad, I’m scared, I’m gonna hide under my blanket."


"the internet is just about the scariest place on earth. The only thing more terrifying than the internet is a fangirl."

this made my day.

I'm seriously going to print it on my T-shirt. and write it on my wall. yeah.
think about it for a second, we really are scary. all the things we do, the things we write and read. damn, if I ever read a fanfic with me and my friend making out in it I'd probably laugh my ass off first and then proceed to freak out xD

New BB mini is out and I didn't even have time to molest my bro's computer to find it. this thing I write for my mum sucks the energy out of me.


lately I discovered, that Junsu *of 2pm, not that JYJ potato xP* is pretty xP not handsome, he's pretty. and somehow I started to like him. for no particular reason, I just do.


and I'm in love with the part of again&again when he sings molla in the end. the last one. my family doesn't know what molla is and why I yell it all the time, but they hate it.

which reminds me. Infinite's molla yo deserves a MV. definitely. even my, eeeerm, friend wtf, never called him a friend, I don't really like him, he's just obssessed with my wifey and hangs out with us all the time bc of that xD asked me about Infinite so I showed him and he said Molla yo is awesome. this means I'm right. the song should have MV. enough said.

I want to get drunk with Beast, 2pm, and apparently Dalmatians xD it would be epic.

Only two days left till my journey to another osm world, only 3 days till the concert, I'm gonna dieeeeee. also, today I had a moment of complete panic. I wanted to spazz over my ticket once again while jumping and dancing and singing Selfish love and I discovered MY TICKET WAS NOT THERE. omfg, I almost fainted. after 15 minutes of tossing everything I found on my desk I remembered I put it in a "safe place, so I won't loose it".
fml, srsly. and fuck my fucked up brain for forgotting.
so I quickly took it out and hugged and omg, I was so relieved.


this entry is so random I can't even xD

fuciah. me iz a strawberry.
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