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06 November 2011 @ 01:08 am

I decided to stop by and check out what's up.

I've been busy lately. not like in "don't talk to me I has no time to listen to your worthless bullshit got important universe saving tasks to do" but I managed to keep myself busy enough not to think about some quite important stuff.

which I won't write about here, as I'm trying to ignore their existence and I'm being quite succesfull with that, I assure all of You.

also, I've been catching up with my crazy guilty pleasure called "Bleach". oh how I love this neverending show of "oh you're still alive Kurosaki and WHY THE FUCK IS SHE HERE"
by the way the character from the newest series are some kind of proof our beloved Kubo is running out of ideas for new interesting people in the story. WHY THE HELL THEY LOOK LIKE ARRANCARS BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE? and one Tousen-wannabe. who wants to be Tousen for fucks sake? he must be totally insane, to look like that.
I reached the newest episode today, I guess I'll have to stuff myself with some fillers for time being once again. meh.

also, Gossip girl, my another stupid love, is getting more and more fucked up, damn I love this show :3
CHUCK BASSSSS the love of my life <3
right after Ichimaru, who was KILLED BY THIS MOTHERFUCKER. and why? no particular reason, I guess Kubo sensei was just bored with him. way to go, kill one of your best creations. I wait for the day he decides to get rid of Byakuya sama. the end is near.

what's more? I got a job, I broke my computer twice (loosing everything I had on it and all that happy stuff included) and right now my beloved laptop is on his way to another breakdown, refusing to feed itself with the internetz. how brilliant is that?
also, I'm trying to get myself to a proper level of Korean, which would be quite usefull on my classes, cause now I;m just sitting there and following my beloved Kim Heechul marvelous example - if you don't get it just nod. and that;s what I bassically do - Le sonsaengnim asks something so I just go "neeeeee". I need to get myself on some decent vocabulary level as soon as possible, fml.

Japanese classes are hell, I get so bored I'm running out of ideas of what to do during them. it's soo annoying I can't even describe it properly.

erm, I'm stuck? I don't know, I'm not really sleepy, but a bit tired from doing nothing all day, I guess I'll just end this pointless post here.

ja ne~