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09 March 2013 @ 10:46 am
hello again  
after quite a long time I decided to come back here.
mostly because lately I've been really stressed and pissed all the time and I need a place to let it all out. also, I wouldn't be taking it off on my boyfriend, he's going to be grateful.

what triggered me was my comeback to my dorm room this morning. if it wasn't enough that I can't go visit thier_sess today, I didn't get the money yet so I'm kinda broke, all my friends left the city for the weekend so my roommate decides to top it all with not only her ultra annoying presence but also she made a MESS everywhere, including throwing clothes and empty juice containers on my bed. I wrote it with capitals because she makes mess everywhere all the time but on weekends she just lets herself cut loose. completely. and her friend comes to visit EVERY weekend so she has help.
and she made a sauna in our room and won't let me open the window cause "she's cold". fuck you, wear something warmer (or just something more than just) shorts and sleeveless shirt. IT'S STILL FUCKING WINTER.

good thing she moves out next month I would probably do something I'd later regret if I had to stay 4 more months in the same room as this girl. it's not the mess she makes, she's just your typical blonde idiot whose one and only life goal is to BUY ALL THE THINGS. literally. all she does is shopping and partying. she doesn't study (doesn't even go to school, how she even got here is another stupid annoying story of my previous roommate) she works occasionally (babysits some 10yo kids after their classes like 3 times a week) and all she does is buying more and more clothes and cosmetics. where does she even get the money for all these things? she's got so many clothes they lay on the floor all the time cause there's no room in the wardrobe for them. well, to be completely fair some of them are in bags, shopping bags, really.
oh, and there's one more thing she does, when she's not shopping. HOW MUCH TIME CAN AN AVERAGE GIRL SPEND IN THE BATHROOM FOR THE LOVE OF THE UKITAKE THE GREAT OTL she's like, wake up at 8 lays in bed for a bit and then goes to get ready for the day. the shower itself takes around 40 minutes. then she does I has no fuckin idea what for another 40 minutes and emerges from the bathroom in her bathrobe. that's my chance to pee or take a shover. she collects some mysterious things from the room, takes some clothes and goes back to the bathroom. for another hour or so. then she goes shopping. comes back and goes back to the bathroom to test all the cosmetics and clothes she bought. then she usually starts talking to me about frickin EVERYTHING. really, 2 days ago she spent half an hour talking about some guy she saw at the club and how hot but shy he is. afterwards she decided to spend another half an hour explaining to me that having a fiancee doesn't mean she can't like other guys. I DON'T CARE CAN'T YOU SEE FOR FUCKS SAKE.
when she's getting ready to bed I can watch a LOTR movie waiting for my turn for the bathroom. it's 1,5-2hours. fml, seriously.
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