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10 March 2013 @ 05:26 pm
so, once again.
my roommate is an idiot, my boyfriend doesn't keep his word and I feel sick today.
so I come here to grumble.
she cames back in the morning with her friend not caring I'm still asleep, turns the big lights on, makes noise and is all happy, cause she woke me up. fuck you friggin whore. I think she may be selling herself after she came back today talking about some guys they met in the club and going to hotel with them and so on. I mean, how would she ba able to pay for everything here? she doesn't really work and here family isn't wealthy enough to sponsor her. so, my conclusion is - she spends the night with some foreigners and comes back home richier than she was when she left.
as for my bf I'm not as mad as I was anymore but still kinda upset. he comes back tonight instead of today and hasn't talked to me since 1pm when he annouced he wants to spend more time with his friend. why not stay there for good if she's so dear and important. I wouldn't be making such a problem out of it if he hasn't promised he will be back today and we'll meet. not to mention he forgot about women's day and was to make some amends (which also wouldn't be a problem if he didn't forget valentines and bunch of other occasions I told are kinda important and nice to celebrate for me. I don't expect him to give me presents and celebrate everything. but I'm a girl afterall and I would like to recieve a flower or be flattered once in a while. and I told him that multiple time so he can't say I am not being clear about what I want. It's not really a big issue overall but I do feel a bit sad when I see all those girls with chocolates, hearts and flowers while I don't even get a "Happy " while I do have a boyfriend. it can be really upsetting, especcialy when everytime we talk about it he promises to do something for me next time and then he doesn't.
or maybe I'm just a whiny overly attached girlfriend who wants god-only-knows-what from her guy?
oh, and I just finished cleaning the bathroom and making the shower usable again I'm a fucking plumber from now on and will now go there and enjoy a nice clean bathroom while it's still free and clean. cause when my roommate comes back it, again, won't be neither.