egao ni nareba tsuyoku nareru sa.

13 November 1988
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I'm random and
maybe I'm simply biased about this and that but, oh well, who isn't? Japan and lately also Korea, coffee, oranges and chocolate. Can't live without my computer.

is hard, but I try my best. sometimes.

when I get angry I curse a lot.

and become agressive when I hear some only13 bullshit or something. so, yeah.

sometimes you wake up, tired and exhausted, you wake up and look outside to look only at gray city and sad people. when you wake up and grab a mug of black coffee, that makes your head explode.

yeah.... smoke is a must when you wake up and have nothing in fridge...
being nice
sth more?
well, if You are any kind of hater, do not come. it's not that I love everyone and fangirl over every damn asian guy I see. I just ignore those I don't like/don't find interesting/don't find amusing/think they're ugly. and hatin just for hatin is just a stupid waste of time.
You can expect some random stuff, lot of fangirling. most, if not all entries are in Polish, but if I gain some english-speaking friends I'll write in english.
So, You're very invited and very welcome. sharing the love, friendship, rainbows and sparkles together is more fun than fangirling alone, right?